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Tadi ak ade terbace online macm mane nk ubah theme windows 7 drpd kelihatan spt theme bese je. Macam² theme ade. Theme yg mac-style ak tgk cm gempak je. Ak pn try aa wat, xde aa ssh sgt. Install software Rocket Dock, tukarkan Cursor mac nyer, tukarkan Icon mac, install Stack Docklet, tukarkn Wallpaper dll. Kalu nak ubah toolbar atas mcm mac tu bole gak, tp de risk sket aa sbb pakai ShellWM,nnti klu double-click media player xleh zoom full. mals ak nk pakai.. Last² ni result nyer.. Cool gak aa..


Komen la skett..takkan tgk je~

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